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Write for us

We’re currently hiring on a pay per article system if you’d like to be considered please email us at: With the Subject Line “APPLICANT”

What Should I Include in my EMail?

You should include your Full Name, The country you live (For Time Zone and HMRC reasons) &any previous experience you have had in writing such as author pages on other websites or articles you’ve written. If you don’t have previous experience try writing a game review and sending that in, make sure you tell us this is you first time doing so when you apply. This gives us an idea of what your writing is like and shows us how we can work on it together.

What Do I need to create my First article?

Tips we would suggest are looking at other people articles first and getting an idea of how their reviews are laid out. You shouldn’t copy their review layout completely if you don’t feel comfortable with the way it’s written.

Select a game that you enjoy for your first review – This is because your more likely to enjoy the process – Don’t read other articles about the game your reviewing. This will only make your thought process worse when writing.

Review the game including talking about aspects like the graphics, audio, controls & other general game features that you think are necessary to point out.

We don’t recommend writing in essay form though if this is how you enjoy writing then who are we certainly won’t discourage it.

How should I write it? Formal, Informal?

You should write your review like your trying to explain this really cool game you’ve found to one of your mate’s down at the pub.

We hope to hear from you soon!