Golf With your friends! Never! Ending! Fun!

Golf with your Friends is a fantastically fun game to even to play with your family. Me and my little sister have been playing it a little bit and it’s a fun and chill way to spend your time. Out of all the games that I’ve played during lockdown I would have to say this is one of the ones that just takes your mind off of everything that’s happening around us and brings great enjoyment whether it’s playing with friends, family, random people online or even just yourself.

Steam Remote Play

The game comes with Steam remote play so that you and a mate can jump into a multiplayer game on the same machine remotely and still verse each other. Steam remote play doesn’t even require your friend to own the game that’s one of the best things about it. If I were to say anything about multiplayer games that can be played on one machine it would be “get on remote play” it’s such an immersive way to play games with people. Though the reason most games don’t have this is because they think other people just won’t buy a copy of their game but what about when their mate wants to play the game with them – they’ll need to buy it. Such a good service and a great way to promote games.

Offline Mode

The game too comes with an offline mode in case your on the plane, train or even cruise ship – though I don’t condone playing games when your on holiday during the hours when it’s just traveling it can be really boring so why not jump onto Golf with your friends, without you friends. You’d think it’d make the game less enjoyable but it doesn’t in fact it’s more relaxing cause you don’t have to try and beat your friends you can just play golf and chill.

The Audio

Everything from the relaxing and upbeat music to the put of a ball the game is so audibly mapped out. It’s much like a soundscape, in fact, the audio is one of the key parts that makes the game so enjoyable and relaxing. Everything from the water to the sound the ball makes when flying through the air at max power and landing harshly on the ground beneath it with a thud.


The Modes

Classic Mode – Just a classic game of golf.

Hockey Mode – A Classic game of fold but with a Hockey Puck and a hockey goal and keeper.

Dunk Mode – A game of golf but with a basketball and hoops.

The Maps & Achievements

The game comes with 12 maps pre-installed within it. there’s the option of the original Forest which gives you a whopping 18 holes to pound through – not in a sexual way though – Achievements that can be found within this level are TIMBER (by playing an entire round of the map in Classic mode), Timber Hoops (by playing a full game of the map on Dunk mode), Treemendous (by completing the map on classic mode and scoring par or better) and Face off in the forest (by playing the map in Hockey mode).

The Ancient Map which comes with a further 18 holes. Achievements that can be collected within this level are much the same as the ones on Forest except they have different names. The map sees you go through Ancient sandy lands and enjoy the surroundings as you play.

CandyLand is another with yet another 18 holes. The achievements are the same though your surroundings are now filled with assorted candy and sweets as you play through the map you explore more of the level and can see ginger bread houses and candy canes for trees.

The game is filled with another nine maps all based around different themes and all have different things for you to enjoy, but it doesn’t end there you can get more community made maps on the steam workshop and play through other people’s maps.

Quick Play

Quick play is an online mode that is different from the regular online server setup. This time you do not pick any rules or maps and are thrown in with random people who have also selected to quick play. This makes the game a bit more fun and random for the more experienced players. This can also be used to meet new people and put your golfing skills to the test with some other player of golf with your friends.

With your friends

You can create a private lobby and invite your friends on Steam this makes the game more competitive and exciting. Everything is always more fun when your friends are involved and making jokes about the fact they putted it 300 miles away from the hole and seeing them get aggravated is always the best way to spend life.


Make new Friends

The Golf with your friends community is extremely welcoming and everyone loves a laugh and playing some chill golf with each other. It’s a great place to meet new people and enjoy socialising with normal people on the internet. It’s very rare that someone claims they’ve had relations with your mother or are going to have relations with your mother or are mid-way through having relations with your mother and playing golf with your friends.

Game Score 9/10

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