Golf It! A Workshop Extravaganza.

Golf it is an relaxing and exciting game which brings the atmosphere of crazy golf with your mates into your living room.

The Steam Workshop

One of the game’s best features is its use of the steam workshop. A place where people can create maps and levels within the golf it game for others to play with their mates online.

Some of these maps include storylines to go with the golf and others just include a nice working map for your Sunday Afternoon Golfing. The workshop has a whopping 13,000 submissions on there so there is no way you can’t find something that you and your mates enjoy.

Someone has even made a Lord of the Rings collection with maps that are based around the novels of J. J. R. Tolkien.

The Physics

The physics within the game are silly and playful but this is a game based around crazy golf, so this is nothing more than fitting the purpose.

The Swing of the club doesn’t just depend on how far back you bring the mouse. It’s also about how fast you bring the mouse forward to hit the ball. It doesn’t just calculate how far it goes with distance like in Golf With you Friends but it also calculates the force that you hit the ball.


Some of the physics when you are airborne aren’t always realistic but it’s nice to have some form of realism with the game calculating the force. Though when playing with your mates it is always fun seeing their ball fly of the map and making fun of them for their huge – mostly uncontrollable – mistake.

The Audio

The audio in the game features a calming chilled tone which gives you the feel that this is the kind of game you play when it’s time for a chilled night in with the lads. As much as you’ve had a few beers your comedic personas still shine through as strong as ever and Golf It helps that.

But of course, you don’t need to be a bunch of nerds in their bedrooms drinking beer and thinking they’re the funniest people on the planet to play this game. This game is a great one to play with the family. In fact, I played it with my little sister, and we had a truly great time.

You hear everything from the drop of a golf ball to someone hitting theirs with their putter. You can hear the wind go by as your ball flies through the air, it’s almost like a soundscape.

The Graphics

The graphics as you’d expect are cartoonish but plentiful. The game looks amazing and the graphics have something to do with that as well giving it the fun vibe while the soundtrack gives it the calming mood. This game is made to be a chill-fun-merry experience and my god it delivers.


The controversial Jump.

One thing that Golf it has as a default feature to the game instead of in Golf with your friends were the mechanic has to be specifically enabled is the jump mechanic. In Golf It jumping comes as standard unless otherwise specified by the game host. This makes it more of a chilled experience with your mates and the game that it is instead of being more of a challenge-based game. Though this can be enabled if you find the game to be “too easy”.

The Final Word

Golf it is a genuinely great game and I really enjoy it for it’s chill vibes and much-loved mechanics. It is by far one of the best crazy golf orientated games I’ve played in a long while. It’s been featured in the Jingle Jam Games Collection, and it so dearly deserves the love that it has received.

Game Score: 10/10

You can buy Golf it on Steam here

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